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Our time is a time of speeds and stresses. We are absorbed in the vortex of speeds and negative emotions. Offences, despair, unfairness, insufferable weight of difficulties, feeling of fault become the cause of our stress, straining our thoughts, feelings and muscles. In stress situations a man considers himself to be a victim of circumstances, a person who was driven into a corner.      

A word or a glance, an accident or a concurrence of circumstances, which deprive us of a peace of mind, events, which change the way of our life, such as another place of residence, educational institute, another work, marriage or divorce, illness of our relatives etc., can be the reasons of our stress.

Stress lower our immunity, it is the cause of a bad sleep and a headache. We should remember that our memory keeps our past. There is a great amount of events and emotions, joyful and sad, amusing and tragic, in our memory and the majority of them are restrained feelings. It must be said that restraining negative emotions is not the best way of overcoming your stress.

Chronic stress leads to depression. It is like a disaster and a man finds himself on the verge of it, he is moody and unsociable, but the most terrible thought is about suicide.

Stress pursues us everywhere and hourly. It seems that there is no way out of this situation, but it may be not hopeless. The main thing is our attitude to the problem. “Looking at the abyss, one man thinks about death, but another - about building a bridge.” (Meyerhol’d)

Sometimes people say that God sends them trials. It means that a man should stop and think about his life, analyze the situation and understand what is more serious for him. Only then he will find a way of overcoming difficulties or understand that his problem is only a temporal failure.

Many people consider abstraction from their thoughts to be the best way of overcoming stress. Such method helps them to preserve their health and strength. Some people find salvation in creative work: somebody paints pictures, somebody writes verses. N. Gumiliov wrote: “…Don’t the poems alleviate… It is necessary that everyone could treat themselves with writing verses…” Some people work a lot, fighting fire with fire. Going away from our problems to the world of fantasies and dreams gives us a break, but doesn’t heal, just as ousting painful thoughts with the help of physical exercises. It is so because the problem doesn’t disappear.

But it is true that sometimes a little break helps us to be restored for overcoming negative feelings. That’s why you should try to think of previous events without any feeling of fault or offence. You should “delete” that event, which became the reason of your stress.

Finding ourselves in a stress situation, we should never forget our relatives. Who will help our children and take care of our parents if we don’t?

Everybody knows that our life is stripy, but we always dream of better times and peace of our mind forever. Thomas Moore wrote that our soul appeared in different colours, including grey, blue and black, and, if we wanted to take care of our soul, we should pay attention only to white, red or orange colours.

Advices of our relatives and friends are very important and necessary, but sometimes our wounds are so painful that nothing can help us. In such situation old and wise people say: “If you can’t forget – remember.”

Picture by Natal'ya Skalkina. 

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