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Choosing a career 
in advertising business

Commodity and advertising appeared at the same time and have existed together since that time. Demand for the goods depends on the sellers ability for advertising. It is very important to tell about the product with competence, find a customer and convince him to buy it.

If you want to conduct an advertising campaign successfully, first of all you should set definite tasks, such as thinking over the budget, controlling advertising campaign and summing up. There are a lot of kinds of advertising: mass advertising by radio (it is not expensive), prestige advertising of long duration in magazines, expensive advertising on TV, in the streets and many others. The choice depends on the aims of a seller.
  A lot of companies use the help of advertising agencies or create their own advertising department. T
hanks to them companies stabilize and stimulate the sales.

In Ancient Rome people wrote advertisements on the walls. In Ancient Greece the role of advertising managers belonged to the public criers. In Latin the word Reclamare means to cry out. In Russia drummers and public criers notified people on the streets and squares about appearance of a new product.

Invention of the printing-press and, therefore, newspapers appearance were appreciated both by producers and sellers. That time the first offices of advertisements appeared. In such institutions people could write their advertisements correctly after choosing a right form and publication.

In Russia such opportunities were also appreciated, but it happened later. In 1878 Ludovik Mettsel opened Central Office of Advertisements. With its help Russian and foreign merchants got an opportunity to advertise their products in different capital and provincial newspapers. In such way Mettsel increased not only his own profits, but the profits of the newspapers owners and people, who gave advertisements. Mettsel is an author of this well-known motto: An advertisement is a trade mover. Soon Central Office of Advertisements L. and E. Mettsel & Co became famous in foreign countries. When Mettsel got exclusive rights of giving Russian advertisements abroad, he opened his offices in Berlin, Warsaw, Paris, Boston, New-York and other cities. Gradually, 80% of the Russian newspapers owners gave him the right of advertisements receiving for their newspapers.

Nowadays, advertising business is popular among young people. One of the professions in this business is a copy writer an author of advertising texts. Success of the company depends to a large extent on his talent and skills. A copy writer should be a literate, energetic person with a good sense of humour. He should have a good taste and be able to state his thoughts clearly, logically and earnestly.

Direct mail is a special channel of advertising delivery. It is an informative service of the direct advertising by post (such as leaflets, booklets, private correspondence, free advertising newspapers and magazines). Writing letters and envelopes, making them effective, delivery It is only a part of the duties of Direct mail.

What about an advertising manager? Advertising in Internet, mass media, organizing conferences, exhibitions, making booklets, posters are his main duties.

Advertising can also be a part of PR-campaign. Public Relations is an effective instrument of management and, of course, it is an attractive profession for young people. A PR specialist knows everything about the rules of business communication, he is able to conduct an advertising campaign and organize presentations, he takes part in the charitable actions and exhibitions. His main aim is to achieve understanding between the partners, the society and the company.

Successful work in advertising business is highly appreciated. It gives you an opportunity not only to have a good salary, but to detect your talent for organization, creative potential and other talents. So, everything depends on you!

Advertisements in the magazines of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries. 


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