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in the world of feelings

Secrets of seducing

Woman’s beauty was always glorified in legends and by many poets; a great amount of men’s hearts were subdued by its magic. It doesn’t matter what features and costumes are fashionable: the desire to be attractive is eternal.

The sources of seducing are in women’s nature. Every woman tries to attract men’s attention at the beginning of their conversation. It happens by instinct and doesn’t depend on the situation, time and her herself. But only when a woman considers a man to be worth of her attention, she leaves no stone unturned, seducing him by all means she knows. Of course, the man’s readiness for new impressions is also essential. In such a case you will get the result quicker.


Make-up is a wonderful weapon for seducing. There are always some details in our appearance, which we want to hide, and those, which we want to emphasize. Powdering is a real art. Make-up helps us to make our look more expressive, make it defenceless and soft or frank and sincere.

However, it is very important not to overdo it. It is well-known that a gaudy make-up takes a repulsive effect. Mascara, which makes eyelashes longer, eyeliner, which makes eyes bigger, eyebrow, powder and lipstick are necessary for every woman.

At the theatre of temptation

Make-up is not the most powerful weapon. A fixed look, lowered eyelashes, a glance, a promising look or embarrassed look are very effective. A smile and intonations, a light step and gestures shouldn’t be also forgotten. If a woman fingers a curl or a chain on her neck it always arrests men’s attention. You never know what detail became decisive; even men themselves can’t remember why they paid attention on their seducer.

It seems strange, but men’s attention can be arrested by clothes: sometimes it is a low-necked dress, sometimes – a short skirt. Asymmetry, which is fashionable today, and everything, which is fluttered in the wind and fits close, can be undoubtedly used for men’s seducing.

Men respond to all these signals unconsciously. Such play gives birth to their interest, arrests their attention and excites different thoughts and questions, such as: “Is her behaviour accidental? Maybe she in sympathy with me?”

Nearly “gold fish”

If a woman wants to seduce a man, she should do what he likes. First of all, she shouldn’t limit his freedom and give cause for jealousy, she should consider him to be intelligent and successful, be interested in his business and profession, appreciate his sense of humour, be obliging towards his parents and, of course, cook well.

Every man wants to be proud of his woman. Though men often say that there is nothing worse than a clever wife, but in fact they are always proud of her career successes, sexual attractiveness and her knack of getting on well with people, cooking, dancing, singing and other talents.

Trust yourself

Only private expression can be the source of seducing; the learning of another man is the most intriguing and charming temptation. Only if there are no victims in your play, if you are sincere and frank, seduce and are seduced yourself, you will be happy.

The process of learning different people and you yourself is the most tempting and unpredictable. You can’t foresee the result and be completely sure in it. It is clear that you will get an experience, but what experience – positive or negative – time will show.

Is it possible to be attractive for your husband? Of course, those partners, who haven’t lost their private freedom, are seductive for each other. They fall for temptation to an even greater degree. It happens because they get new impressions out of doors. Image change, having a rest together and many other things give them opportunity for exciting feelings without any possibility of getting negative experience from communication. Seducing become the play for the partners, which afford them pleasure and helps to disclose their potentialities and abilities.

Let’s try to review our excursus to the world of seducing.

Listen to your feelings and don’t hesitate to talk about them. Only then you will get reaction on you yourself, not on the mask, which you have tried on from the cover of your favourite magazine for the play (even if it is very attractive).

Remember that it is very important for the man to understand if woman’s feelings are sincere or they are only the deception for getting money, flat, acquiring the right of residence…

Don’t forget that seducing can’t be forecasted.

If you don’t want to get stress, be honest with yourself.

Remember that you shouldn’t restrain your feelings too long, particularly in the intimate sphere, even if you are a talented actress.

Seduce, using what you have. Be such as you are not to turn the play into troubles. Otherwise, you can lose everything.

The sources of seducing are in women’s nature. Her desire to be attractive is a great temptation. Love yourself and be loved. Seduce and be seduced and be happy.


The view of the psychologist Dmitry Vlaskin on woman's seducing is taken into account in this article.


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