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womens magazine

The first womens magazine-long-liver

Womens magazine of Prince Shalikov

Only in 1791, 12 years after the trial of Novikov, who published a magazine called , (it means Fashion Monthly Edition, or The Library for Womens Dress) in 1779, Okorokov, a new leaseholder, began to publish a fashion edition. He didnt ventured to write only for ladies, but it didnt help; the magazine existed for a year.

Finally, a sentimental magazine A beautiful woman surrounded by Cupids was depicted on the cover of the magazine; there was also the inscription there: Everything serves beauty ( 1, part I). The first Cupid was holding a mirror, the second was combing her hair, the third was reading, the forth was playing the flute, there was a jug in the hands of the fifth Cupid, 2 Cupids were twining a wreath. A woman and Cupids were surrounded with roses and forget-me-nots.

The articles of the magazine called for compassion, told about orphans and widows distresses, informed about charity. There was a colour fashion picture at the end of every issue (

Man. Animal whose legs are in the mud and whose head is in the sky.

Hat. A roof of the human building.

Of course, the majority of pages were devoted to love. Here are some extracts from the section called The Questions:

Somebody asked a deaf mute, What torment is the most unbearable? He answered, It is love.

What feeling appear and disappear virtually at the same time? It is love.

There was also much criticism in the magazine ( 1 a controversy with (it means The North Star) published by A. Bestuzhev and K. Rileev; 3 the answer to (it means Europe Messenger). N. Polevoy was one of the permanent critics of Womens Magazine.

The Materials for the History of Russian Female Authors opened the section of prose. These names were called there: A. Volkova, N. Pleshcheeva, Katerina Delamar, Maria Bolotnikova, Anna Tatishcheva and L. Krichevskaya.

At first, the magazine was published 2 times a month, but later, (since 1829) it became a weekly magazine, published in parts. Its format was rather small (as modern textbooks have). A picture on the cover was changed every year. There were always the contents and a list of misprints, which were made in the previous issue.

P. Shalikov, M. Makarov (since 1825), Golovin and others were the authors of the magazine. There was also a censor Ivan Snegiriov.

In 1833 in November issue ( 47, part XLIY) we can read: Womens magazine is being stopped P. Shalikov promised to continue the magazines publishing a year later, but the plan wasnt fulfilled. In spite of everything the idea of publishing a womens magazine was born. It was noticed that female readers had their own interests and in the late 1840s and 1850s a great variety of womens magazines appeared.


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