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To Czech Republic… for a week

I was very tired and it seemed that I was unable to prepare for the forthcoming examinations. Suddenly the telephone rang: it was my friend. She said only that a brilliant idea had come into her mind. I was intrigued. An hour later she was standing in the doorway with a heap of different magazines and catalogues. “Everything about Czech Republic”, – she exclaimed. “About Czech Republic?” – I was surprised. “Let’s go! Only one week! Not expensive! There and back by bus and 4 days in Czechia! Fit up! We’ll go next week.”

Preparations weren’t long. On Monday we sat in the bus driving off to Prague and read different articles about Czech Republic and Prague, examined a map of the country and marvelous photos of the Czech capital.

Everything seemed unreal. I recall those 4 days as a wonderful tale till now. A mixture of architectural styles, 2500 old castles and towns, Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Modern in the same street, unique monuments and picturesque views – it is Czech Republic. During the 4 days we spent there we enjoyed the beauty of Prague and castles, visited several museums, got acquainted with the monuments of Kutná Hora, spent the whole day in Karlovy Vary, got pleasure from visiting aqua land and dancing in the night-club “Karlovy Lázně”.

The first day we devoted to Prague and were astonished by the beauty of its architecture. Different lanes, the Old Town Square with the impressive Cathedral of Our Lady Before Týn and Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in the Central Europe, the towers of St. Vitus’ Cathedral make you absorbed in the world of harmony.

Wonderful excursions to the Gothic castle Karlštejn (28 km from Prague) and Konopiště (40 km from the capital), the castle of Franz Ferdinand d’Este, weren’t less interesting.

Kutná Hora – the mediaeval town, in which mines silver was extracted. Tourists can visit a mint, a mediaeval mine and, of course, the Gothic Church of St. Barbara there.

Czech cuisine is really worth of tasting. Famous Czech dumplings, or knedlíky, fantastic cakes, wafers, meat dishes… And don’t forget about beer.

The next day we got acquainted with well-known resort Karlovy Vary. Its mineral springs, which are famous for their healing effect, and comfortable hotels draw tourists from all over the world. The resort was founded approximately in 1350 by the Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. After buying famous noggins with a spout, we tasted water from several mineral springs and visited the Museum of Glassworks.

It’s a pity that we didn’t have enough time to visit national parks of Czech Republic, romantic mountain-mass Krkonoše, Český les (Czech Forest) of the East Czech Republic, which is often called Czech Paradise, and many other beautiful places. We’ll see them next time.

On the way back time flew by imperceptible – all passengers of the bus were sleeping and, for sure, they were still in Prague: somebody was walking along the streets; somebody was listening to the organ in the St. Nicholas’ Church; somebody was admiring the stars in the observatory; somebody was enjoying the heart-to-heart talk in Prague café; somebody… There is no denying! The rest was unforgettable.

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