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A man is a dependent entity. However, he endeavors to be independent, self-contained and even to acquire the power over nature, eventually nature can exist without a man, but a man can’t exist without nature.
A model… years later.

When a man began to create an artificial, unnatural environment, he began to loose the nature connection. He wanted to change it for his own interests and allowed himself to interfere in nature laws. The modern stage of the progress is characterized by a huge number of industrial enterprises. Harmful effects of civilization are reflected on nature. It doesn’t endure such an overload.

Polluted roads,   ... forests, ... streams.

People don’t pay enough attention to the ecology situation. Who haven’t heard about acid rains, ozone holes, oceans and seas, polluted by oil? What else is a man preparing for nature and what for he converts soil, water, air into his enemies? This problem is a global one. Ecological conflict reaches such extents that nobody needs evidences of the pollution. This fact is obvious. I’m speaking about, for example, the suburban forests, which have transformed to a real scrap-heap. We are going to the forest for gathering mushrooms and berries and find there a huge number of glass, plastic, metallic and other waste. Environment and all Earth inhabitants themselves have an ecological stress and the causer of such situation is, of course, a man.

Each problem has a complex decision and an ecological one is not an exception. Of course, we need 
a global system of ecological security information about ecological catastrophe and its extent, recycling systems, political actions and so on. But the most necessary thing we need is changing our conscience. Thinking only about our own problems, we don’t hear each other and furthermore we don’t notice the nature entreaty. We destroy the world where we all live.

The problem will be solved only when our attitude to the environment will be changed. But we shouldn’t wait for a mass enlightenment, which comes when something terrible happens and the consequences sometimes can’t be prevented. That’s why we should think about our ecology and solve this problem now, not to be late. Otherwise, a respirator production will become the most profitable business. It’s time to open a new fashion direction - a “classic” respirator, a la “modern”, “hard rock”, in pink, blue, green tunes. What do you prefer?

Nature is noble and forgives us when we damage it. It is known, that car exhausts contain more than 200 components with wasted gases. Car pollution is not only a smog formation and, as a result, an aggravation of our health, but it is also reflected on the destruction of the groundwater structure and the climate changes. Waste from chemical industry and heavy industry is particularly dangerous. The retrieval process is much longer than the pollution speed. Nature assistants in the atmosphere cleaning are forests, lakes.

Each of us must realize that we should save the Earth for the future generations. Environmental protection is a universal problem. The world around us is incurred to different changes itself. Some of them we see, for example, the season changes, which bring us much pleasure, but some changes are stretched in time and imperceptible for one generation. Has a man the right to be a nature judge or a nature owner? Or perhaps, he is a messenger from another galaxy, who was delegated to the Earth to destroy its beauty… Probably the answer is simpler. A man is a nature child, therefore all his activity should be directed to the development of the humanity and to the prospects of the life existence of the Earth.


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