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Education is :

  • refinement torture
  • idleness cure
  • lucky chance of the life

      Choose the right answer!


School years passed as one day.


The beginning of autumn is always a beginning of a new study year for all of us, but first of all of course for the pupils and students. After summer holidays everybody is ready to overcome difficulties and conquer the new tops of knowledge.

The students 
of a technical institute are being bored without ladies.

It is more gaily together.

Nowadays, people rely on the genetics first of all. They say that the forcible deletion of the class borders can’t lead to a marvel. Everybody should know his place. But genetically the structure of our marrow doesn’t deny the use of education. Our knowledge can’t be inherited and we haven’t an opportunity to get the answers to our questions with the help of genes.

What moral authorities will have our young heroes of the present time? Which symbols will become the signs of the modernity? What will they choose: liability, conscience, honesty or impudence and cruelty – it mainly depends on those Teachers, who will be met on their way.

Education is an instrument for the world cognition and forming relations between a man and an environment. Thanks to science, art, life experience of the previous generations we cognize the world around us.

Every day people receive much information and only with the help of education they have 
an opportunity to examine all proposed variants of the behavior and choose the right way. 
We get information consciously and unconsciously. But our knowledge develops our abilities for analyzing, synthesis and successful using received information.

Abilities of a literate man to get, keep and use his knowledge transforms into the personal qualities, which help his successful society activity. So, knowledge transforms to actions. “A man is certainly a source of actions”, – these words belong to Aristotel'. 

First of all education should be directed to the development of an intellectual, inventive, active person. Education as a creative union of partners is a dream of every leaner.

The lessons become successful when you have researched the whole subject, when you have understood its practical value. The learner should be interested in the subject and its unsolved tasks. Only such lessons persuade us best of all that education is necessary and useful for every person. Only when students have an opportunity to communicate with each other, discuss different themes they are interested in without any restraint on the subject itself, they will feel themselves more confident and it will help them to enter an adult life more self-reliant.

Listen to the wisest:

“You can learn only that you like” . (I. Goethe)

“A man is not an empty bottle, which you can fill with any fluid you want” . (D. I. Pisarev)

“As the teacher teaches easier, the learner learns harder” . (L. N. Tolstoy)

“A man with the help of science is able to correct his natural imperfection” . (I. I. Mechnikov)


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