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Autumn is a sad and solemn time, it is a season of totalling and a time of hopes. This autumn is especial. It completes the first year of a new millennium, which has insensibly changed the previous one, when all of us were born, when we all studied, worked, wished, hoped and dreamt. Something came true, but something stayed for the future.

We waited for you, the new millennium! We waited for something unknown and unusual. It is so, because everything we need is to be, and not only to be, but to be HAPPY!

Autumn is a time of new plans and life starts, a time of subduing the tops and opening new skylines, in autumn somebody becomes a pupil or a student, somebody starts working.

As for me, this autumn is doubly especial. It was very interesting to make this magazine by myself: to write articles, to make up in pages, to take pictures. At first I had no work and wrote this magazine for pleasure.I prepared it for the printing version. Then I decided to become friends with Internet. What will come out well see together. Do you want to participate? I would be happy to welcome you.


Devichnick. 1. 2001. Authors magazine

Copyrigt /Devichnick
Copyrigt /Devichnick. Design, text, photos Molotilova L. K.